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LAN Summary and Future Prospects

Good evening ladies,

I don't know how to put into words how great LAN was, but it was probably one of the best things I've ever done, and I'm so glad that we went. Not only was it all the fun that we were expecting, but we also excelled against our own expectations in terms of our performances against the other teams that were there. I think we all deserve a great pat on the back for that!

There was a lot of uncertainty about where the team will go after LAN took place, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that I think we have seen that the team has an incredible amount of potential. We went there with no practice and almost no game-time in the 2 weeks leading up to i57, yet we still managed to perform better than we expected. I haven't quite worked out where we placed, but we were certainly in the top half of all of the teams that attended, so that is a surprisingly nice achievement!

So where do we go from here? Well I think that this weekend has been a big boost for everyone in terms of their self-belief to get even better than we already are, because in all fairness we are not a terrible set of players, and the improvement that I have seen over recent months supports that. I almost couldn't believe how well everyone played and I'd like to make sure everyone knows how well we did - I'm sure Sutt will agree with everything I've said and we both feel like we could progress further in the future.

So answering my previous question, the plan will be to have a couple of weeks chill time before buckling down and really trying to function as a proper team. We need to be playing high-skilled PCW's most evenings and train at least once a week to get some co-ordination in our play, because that is the only thing that we're missing. We have already spoken about the next Insomnia festival that takes place between August 26th-29th, with the early arrival on Thursday 25th. Me and Sutt are definitely going, and I'd love for people to be able to come. Especially you Mick, you were dearly missed. Although your new nickname is Neo - formal warning.

But yes to wrap it up guys, fucking loved meeting every one of you, and I really hope it wasn't the only time we'll see each other. Lets keep the momentum rolling and really start to take this seriously, because I think this team could have a bright future.

Hope everyone has had a safe journey home, and I look forward to seeing you at i58!

Peace out,

Note to self - bring a fucking trolley and bring a fucking airbed.

By UK rox in CSGO NEWS on Monday 28 March @ 20:49
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New Roster Changes - A Fresh Start

Sup Guys,

So the new year has brough us a a few changes to the team - with the departure of Adam instead of searching for players to complete the RED teams roster we have decided to add both Cookie and Parallax our BLUE Team roster. Adam has decided he doesnt have the same love for CS any more and wants to play casually, so good luck to him!

For us with no disrespect this means we wont have any issues with activity, as the core team players are online a lot more regularly meaning we can play more and train more!

so all in all encouraging times for us!

Cookie and Para, welcome and we hope you guys will stick around. Your Addition to the team should gives us a nice boost and will definitley help improve our standard so thank you!

Just a quite note about our CEVO Season 9 so far, yes its been difficult and weve felt some pretty heavy losses - the intermidiate bracket was a big step for us clearly, but i just want to say despite some of the results the way we have played in recent games has been a lot more impressive and im proud of you guys, we will see this season out and enter in the lower bracket for the next one. however with the new arrivals to the team i think our standard will improve a lot quicker, mainly because we'll be able to play more.


Impressive stuff mate on how quickly you have improved as player, going for casually chilling and playing here and there with us to a memeber of our starting line up, holding your own in games and working on your gamesense. just want to thank you personally, its great to have you in mate. you get my vote for january's player MMVP (monthly most valuable player)

one last thing, were does this leave us with lan? well hopefully cookie can take adams place. and Eddy has now confirmed (though we need to get it in blood) that he will now attend which is awesome news! as per usual were still waiting for the seat picker to become available to book tickets! i will continue to keep and eye on this for you all.

Thanks lads, i think the year has started well for us and will keep getting better!

Peace - Sutts. x

By UK J-MA in TEAM NEWS on Wednesday 27 January @ 14:23
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Anxiety 2016 A Happy New Year!

So first things first - HAPPY NEW YEAR GENTS!

hopefully you all made it to 2016 alive or without some form of alchohol poisoning (Mick - time to ditch pub kareoke Lad xfactor has your name written all over it, DJ Stanley can go with you)

Since the change from verB. to ANXIETY we've had a choppy finish to the year with our CSGO form having its ups and downs, obviously we expected to loose some heads over christmas as naturally families, turkies and drinking take priority this time of year but heading in 2016 means we can get back on our feet completley for both the BLUE and the RED team.

so whats happening now?

ANXIETY BLUE start our first season in CEVO's Intermediate league - so lots of practice and game time to come!

Im going to be working with Cookie to get the RED's team roster complete so they can hit the competitive seen as a fresh team! i think you'll all agree its be great having these guys in the team - so i look forward to seeing who's drafted in to complete their roster!

March brings Multiplays I57 Lan which will see the ANXIETY mob once more! (tickets and travel need to be sorted ASAP, i know were waiting for Multiplay to pull their fingers out and fix the seat picker, but if its in the back our minds please as it does cost money)


Just a little admin

the Team Costs button on the control panel of THIS.. YES THIS WEBSITE - OUR WEBSITE has been set up its £5 a month each (if you can do this for any LEGITEMATE reason then let me know) if not were going to be looking to agree a date that this is done - this money will obviously pay for the servers, website, leagues etc but also will go towards our MMVP - monthly most valued player for each team to give them some sort of prize for their performance in CSGO.

this said the £5 you're putting in does go towards the website, which as you all know i need us to be more active on otherwise we may as well not bother with it! you all have access to use the forums and i've added thread topics - please start using them for anything! even if we've discussed it in TS write up about it this means we can refer back if and when needed!

You guys know what we want to acheive this year and we've all gotta stick together and play hard to get there!

Imagevia Imgflip Meme Maker


Peace Out J-Sutz x

By UK J-MA in CSGO NEWS on Friday 01 January @ 13:57
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